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Plat-Ball-Form is an endless ball game. You simply jump from one platform to the next. Drag and shoot the ball towards the next platform and make sure that you touch it.

You can compete with the rest of the world through the leaderboard. The game is extremely challenging and you will fail a 1000 times!

DO NOT play this game if you have anger issues. You might end up smashing your mobile. This platform game will require your full attention. It is probably the most difficult jump game that you will ever play in your entire life.

Since it is endless, you can keep scoring and the game will never end. DO NOT touch any of the walls that are present in the game, because that will cause instant death. This game was designed to be difficult to play, so you won't get the required perfect jumps the first time.

There are no enemies in this game. You will only compete with the rest of the world through the leaderboard. This is a simple hyper casual game and a ball jump app.


- Endless running game
- Compete through leaderboard with the rest of the world.
- Extremely difficult.
- Will test your nerves
- Simple drag and shoot controls

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