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Sometimes, you have to go against all odds and put your life on the line to save the one you love the mos! Eggness is on a very serious mission. He was born in a world that wants to destroy his family. That is why his life is hell in this action platform adventure.

Eggness needs to battle Forkman and his minions to get his wife back in this shooter game! Forkman kidnapped Megness (Wife of Eggness) for Crackpot, who is the leader of the Mafia gang. Rush and run across platform levels! Some of the puzzle levels will test your skills and you will really need to time your jump right in order to make it across

Join Eggness in this action adventure title and help him get her back. Eggness is one of the most detailed mobile 2D games out there.

- Hand drawn 2d cartoon characters
- Cartoon game style attacks.
- Exciting 2D platform sections.
- Unique Action RPG enemies.
- Unique Enemy characters
- Completely unique 2D world
- Open world style 2D level selection
- No boring platform puzzle levels.
- 2D Platform runner elements
- 2D Pixel platform levels, each with unique difficulty and theme.

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Either download the game directly from this store, or click the Google Play Link to install it through Google Play.

Remember to install the .apk file once you download it through here.


Eggness_E1_0.1.8.apk 68 MB

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